Participation in Youth in Action Programme: Rule the world and become an Entrepreneur

YET traveled this summer in EU newest member, Croatia, to participate in another EU activity.

The 3 girls and 2 boys of the YET team, all students and the University of Macedonia BA Dept., participated in “Rule the world and become an Entrepreneur” Youth in Action program. 5 more teams from different countries participated also (Germany, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Turkey).

The program’s target was to bring together youngsters with different cultures, backgrounds and most important different business ideas. The participants tried to cooperate, to think and create in teams and to come up with innovative and modern business ideas.

The program included and combined a series of activities to keep the interest and participation at high levels. YET team successfully presented a workshop on developing business ideas. Also, participants were trained and competed in pitching technics, presenting their start up ideas in candidate investors.