ProGreece Launch event

3 months after the announcement of the ProGreece initiative the platform is online. Greek companies are able now to use the platform -at no charge- to promote their products and services. The launch event took place Monday 18th February at the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki.

ProGreece offers the following advantages:
• Sustains and creates new jobs in Greek companies.
• Offers the chance for a swift and simple reaction to temporary fluctuations of the job market.
• These order processes can become the first stage of German companies’ investment in Greece.

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3 day event & networking marathon in Rhodes on Entrepreneurship and NGOs

YET celebrated its first presence in South Aegean with a 3 day event marathon on entrepreneurship and NGO networking. Nothing of all that could be done without our great partners “House of Europe in Rhodes”, an ngo with huge experience and dozens of events and initiatives on youth issues in Greece and abroad. The networking marathon (Monday 18th February 2013 to Thursday 21st) included closed session of the Board of House of Europe on Rhodes, meetings with local authorities & government, City Hall, University of the Aegean, entrepreneurs and busynesses. Also, two big events were hosted by YET & House of Europe in Rhodes on NGO cooperation and entrepreneurship, with massive turnout from MPs, local authorities, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, college students, young professionals etc.

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Participation in Youth in Action Programme: Ice Wonders II

The program took place early February (8 – 18) in historic Dresden (Saxon Region, Germany) and used ice sculpture as a means of creative expression but also cultural interaction. During this 8-day program, participants had the chance to interact with other young people from 5 countries (Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria) with a keen interest in fine arts and more specifically, in ice sculpture, gaining at the same time a useful intercultural experience.

The program involved workshops based on non-formal learning, directed by professional and qualified leaders. These workshops aimed at introducing participants to the world of ice sculpture and enhance intercultural communication and interaction through handicraft.

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Entrepreneurship Roadtrip Germany

YET participated in an informative and networking trip to Germany. The porgramme was an initiative by the Greek office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. We had the opportunity to meet with key institutions and companies (Union of German Chambers of Commerce, Stuttgart Media University, Stuttgart 
Economic Development Department, Technology and Innovation Park Jena, Jenoptik, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Federation of Young Entrepreneurs etc) that affect and shape the German economy and busyness environment

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Workshop: In search of professional excellence – making work fruitful and fulfilling

YET was happy to host mid December Mr. Alan Rossiter, President of Rossiter & Associates, a consulting company in the field of industrial energy efficiency. Mr Rossiter was guest speaker at 2 workshops that were organised in cooperation with the Interbalkan Institute for Educational and Economic Development, City College and the Unit for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the University of Macedonia.

The Professional Ethics and Excellence Workshop touches upon topics crucial for any team like, motivation in the workplace, foundations and elements of professional excellence, resolving conflicts, codes of professional.

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Participation in Youth in Action program: Cooking – a Reflection of Culture

YET participated in December 2012 in another youth exchange (Youth in Action) program, in Freiberg, Germany. 4 more participant NGOs came from Germany, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The 8day long program “Cooking – a Reflection of Culture” included workshops with regard to culinary art and the cooking traditions of the countries involved. Moreover, the participants had a chance to experience how the diversity of cooking is a reflection of many nutritional, agricultural, economic and cultural considerations. Also, participants enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities (visits, team spirit activites, energizers etc).

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Greek-German Civil Society Initiative / GGCS

The 1st Greek-German Civil Society Organizations Meeting aimed to create bridges between Greek and German Civil Society Actors, Local Authorities and other social actors to touch off a dialogue and to reach conclusions on how to proceed together towards viable local development supported by international and interregional collaboration.

Greek and German civil society actors met in Thessaloniki in October 2012 to launch the Greek-German Civil Society Initiative. The aim of this initiative is the collaboration of both countries on the level of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Civil Society Initiatives and Civil Society formations. YET was one of the Thessaloniki – Greece SCOs to participate.

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ProGreece platform announced – Boosting Greek exports to Germany

Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki – YET are part of ProGreece initiative to boost Greek exports to Germany. The announcement of ProGreece took place on November 14th 2012 at Synco SA company. This site will offer an interactive social network for German and Greek companies. The aim of this network is to match Greek companies’ excess capacities with German demand to initiate manufacturing and service agreements. ProGreece will launch its services early 2013.

Partners with YET in this effort are the General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Industries of North Greece and the Association of Greek immigrants from Germany.

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Essentials for Entrepreneurial Success: Vision, Priorities and Communication

YET hosted Dr. Harry G. Harris for a series of events on “Essentials for Entrepreneurial Success: Vision, Priorities and Communication”. Dr. Harris used practical examples from his vast experience in the academia and also managing governmental / non-governmental organisations and business to present necessary skills and values that an entrepreneur should cherish.

The two events took place mid October 2012 in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit of the University of Macedonia and City College Thessaloniki Business Administration Department

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