Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World

In collaboration with the Chair “Michael S. Dukakis in Public Policy and Service” of the American College of Thessaloniki-ACT, YET organized an event with guest speaker Dr. Bruce Piasecki. He is the Chairman and founder of the AHC Group Inc. since 1981. AHC Group is a consultancy administration business specialising in energy, raw materials, and environmental business issues. Dr. Piasecki is the writer of six innovative books on corporate strategy and reform and also of the award-winning book of the year 2008, by the Nature Society, titled “Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame”. He regularly posts articles in newspapers and journals such as the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Technology Review and the Christian Science Monitor.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship: Reality and challenges

YET’s first event in 2009 was hosted at Peirama NGO venue on January 14th. Mrs Valentini Amarantidou, CEO of Artion, shared her experience from starting and running her company along with her sister. Artion is based in Thessaloniki, organising events, conferences and expos and also offers support services (translation etc).


College students become entrepreneurs

YET hosted Foitits at out November 2009 event. Foititis (means college student) started in Thessaloniki from a group of college students – friends as a brochure with info about college life. Today, Foititis has evolved into a media publishing company and runs two student cafes in downtown Thessaloniki. Mrs Skoufa Evgenia represented Foititis team in our event.

EcoCars 2008 – Green Entrepreneurship: Need or opportunity?

YET participated in the first Show hosted in the American Farm School, 13-14th September 2008. offered the opportunity to its guests to meet innovative car models that use electricity, bio fuel and hydrogen. Also, to drive hybrid and environment friendly cars.

YET organised a lecture during the Show on “Green Entrepreneurship: Need or opportunity?”. Our guest speaker was Mrs Liana Gouta, a Chemical Engineer with a broad experience in petrol industry design, technology and environmental protection. She has also served as counsel for the European Council on environmental, energy and development issues.

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Running an e-company

YET kicked off its activities with an event on IT and e-busyness. Mr Chris Nicolopoulos, CEO of Altanet, a company that develops web-based applications on e-commerce, e-culture and digital asset management, shared his experience working in the USA and Greece. Also, Mr Nicolopoulos talked about the challenges of a start-up and gave practical advice regarding the first steps of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship 101: Intro to Entrepreneurship

YET hosted its second event July 9th 2008 with guest speaker Prof. Asterios Kefalas. Prof. Kefalas has worked at various universities around the world (USA, S. Africa, France) focusing on entrepreneurship issues. In his lecture he presented key points for the creation and the development of a new busyness effort: management, venture capital, new markets.